Stop SRP's Dangerous Gas Plant Expansion

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• Selling a bridge to nowhere

For years, the gas industry has touted their product as a "bridge fuel" to a renewable future, with their gas replacing coal. But renewable energy like wind and solar is more affordable, cleaner, and safer than methane gas. Fossil fuels caused the climate crisis — burning more of them isn't going to solve it.

• Vaporizing the Truth

The methane gas industry likes to call itself  “clean” compared to coal, but that’s like the tobacco industry saying it’s safe to smoke low-tar cigarettes or vape. The only clean, safe future is in a world free of fossil fuels.

• Buying political influence

In 2021 alone, a non-election year, the gas industry reported spending more than $115 million on lobbying nationwide. Globally, $55.6 million was pumped into the global gas lobbying and spin machine by a combination of foreign interests and huge multinational corporations.

• Using you money to mislead

Much of the industry’s misinformation is being coordinated by the American Gas Association, which gas utilities fund with money from their customers’ monthly bills. That means that your money is being used to promote fossil fuels. Federal regulators are considering clamping down on this unfair practice.

• Lying to cover up Gas's failures

When gas failures caused widespread blackouts during Winter Storm Uri in February 2021, killing hundreds of Texans, gas-funded politicians in Texas blanketed the media to blame the outages on clean energy falsely.